Tanja and Caroline Day 17

After class, we ate ate a quick lunch at home…turned Caro on to peanut butter.  Then we left for the LA Zoo.  It was so incredibly hot, that for the first several exhibits it was like Jurassic Park (“two no-shows, and a sick tyrannosaurus”).  I wondered if we would see any animals.  But as  we went on, and even decided to ride the shuttle, we saw many animals: giraffes, gorillas, chimps, elephants, zebras, a lion, okapi, meerkats, etc; the highlight for Tanja was the koalas and kanagaroos (reminding her of her year in Australia).  The kids favorite animal was the river otter.  Caro’s favorite was the giraffe.

Caro did a little shopping; she bought a cute postcard and bookmark with giraffes on it.  They we all slowly trudged back to the car looking forward to air conditioning like water in a desert. Thankfully, we really didn’t hit any traffic on the way home.  Then Tanja and I made our way to the grocery store and she treated for dinner making us a delicious three course meal.

The first course was appetizers: Gouda cheese, grapes, and Vienna sausages.  Caro arranged these beautifully!  And oh my, they were yummy!   The next course we made together was paella!  I have been wanting paella since my mom and I lived in Riverside and she used to make a version of paella from the Minute Made Rice recipe.  It was so fresh and delicious, we put all sorts of vegetables and then Jeremy cooked up salmon to go in it.  Even the kids ate large helpings of it (veggies and all). Here is a link to a version of vegetarian paella.

For dessert we had a special mousse that Tanja brought from Germany.  It was so light, fluffy, and creamy all at the same time.  It was like a mix between a really good pudding and mousse.  We had lemon and chocolate.  Caro took the chocolate bowl after it had been served and i took the lemon, and we practically licked them clean.

Once dinner was all cleaned up, we began watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I only made it about half way through before I went to bed.  That’s the earliest I’ve fallen a asleep in weeks, and it felt great to sleep for 10 hours! 


August 5th, 2008
Exchange Students

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